Why we're here

We each had a medical diagnosis that made us to rethink how we choose food.
When our founder Adaobi learned she had anemia she had to approach groceries differently. For the first time finding high iron food became her number one priority. She spent hours researching foods to learn what she could eat, but then she was stuck eating the same things everyday. Boring! Where is the variety? And even more limiting when that particular item is out of stock at the store. 

We came together because we realized there had to be a better way with tech.  
Instead of spending hours researching before you shop, then spending an hour at each grocery trip flipping over products comparing nutrition labels in store…  Now you have a healthy shopping companion app that does that work for you. Cutting down 1 hour per trip to mere minutes! Saving you time to do more of the things you love

And we’re keeping Vitalcart to be accessible to everyone.
Our #1 tech focus is prioritizing seamless integration into how we live. Because we want to save you time! And if it’s part of how we already live, that helps us make health second nature.

We’re on a mission to make healthy eating easier each day!
& We’re building the nutritional filter for the web people want.

As busy 30-somethings we know how hard it is to stay on top of our health each day. We decided to create a simple and seamless way for people to make healthier choices without changing their daily routines. We built the Vitalcart browser extension that brings nutritionist Ai and direct health optimized recommendations to users as they shop.

Meet the Team

This is the passionate group of people working behind the scenes to enhance your grocery shopping experience.

Adaobi Kanu

Adaobi brings user focus to all designs & she’s dedicated to democratizing health.


Evan builds like an architect and gives us the direction we need to lead with style!



Kim brings a wealth of dietary expertise that supports our personalized recommendation engine.



Brings retail insights and the right partners on board.

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